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At Superior Cleaning Services, We Clean so you don’t have to.  We are “Your One-Stop-Cleaning-Provider” for your home, office or business.  “We Do ALL Your Dirty Work” is our slogan and we strive to meet up to that expectation on every cleaning service. Our Cleaning Services are solution driven and geared towards a Stress Free Experience. We provide a variety of services with the goal of serving as a one stop cleaning service saving you time and money by not having  to contract multiple service providers to meet all your cleaning needs.  We Clean what no one else wants to clean!


Cleaning is an essential activity in our every day life, at home, the office, our business’… It is also a time consuming activity that if done personally can take up a chunk of ones’ time. Valuable time that can be spent doing more important things in life whether personal, family related or business growth. If you need More Time in Your Life to do the things you never get around to do, outsourcing cleaning at just 4 hours per week, will give you 8.6 days per year of “Additional Time”.  More Time To Do The More Important Things in Life. That amounts to 208 hours per year, equivalent to five weeks vacation on a 40 hour work week.

What would you do with MORE TIME in your LIFE?

“Family Time”

Family Time

 “Down Time”

Down Time

 “Personal Time”

Personal Time

 “Business Time”

Business Time

  “We Do ALL Your Dirty Work”


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