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Floor Cleaning is a major challenge and a very time consuming task either at home, office or business. The most common reasons for floor cleaning is for sanitizing purposes, to prevent injuries such as tripping or slipping, to remove stains or dirt, to prevent wear on waxed or sealed floors or to obtain an optimum floor traction.

Mistakenly, many people assume that new floors do not require regular cleaning and leave the cleaning until they are noticeably dirty.  Big mistake. Floors need to be cleaned following their installation and regularly thereafter.  The manufacturer’s recommended cleaning solution should be used and the  cleaning solution should not be sprayed directly onto the floor.  Your floors will have a long lasting good look if you clean them regularly and you don’t wait for dirt or stains to become ingrained in them.

More than half the dirt on floors come from the outside especially in public buildings.  Using doormats at all entrances will help bring in less dirt into your space.  Also, using furniture legs plastics or protectors will prevent scratches, dents and marks on your floors.

Superior Cleaning Services cleans floors on your schedule; weekly, daily, monthly or yearly servicing. It is best that you obtain the recommended floor solutions from the manufacturer, if not, we can assist in obtaining the information to purchase the correct product.  We will sweep, mop, power wash, strip and wax, paste wax,  buff, carpet clean or clean your floors which ever way they require. Let Superior Cleaning Services clean and maintain your floors. Call for a FREE ESTIMATE Today!

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